The course is designed to help you discover a way of eating that truly nurtures you in your chosen life, activities and aspirations. Through better awareness of your personal constitution and true reasons behind your dietary choices and cravings, you will gradually connect to organic, natural, beautifully prepared foods and you will feel more energised, at all levels.

The course takes place in my own kitchen in North West London and consists of 5 hands-on sessions of 3 hours each: it is delivered at your own pace, as a 5-day intensive or spread over 5 weeks with 1 weekly session. It runs at lunchtime, from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

You will gain:

a better understanding of your own inner ecology and dietary needs.
a shopping list to fill your cupboard with healthy cooking essentials: natural sweeteners, good fats, nut and seed milks, quinoa, gluten-free flours and pasta, seaweeds…
practical information on dietary topics such as: gluten-free and dairy-free diets, paleo diet, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, low carb choices, raw versus cooked foods, living foods, superfoods, probiotics.
a sound knowledge of nutritional principles that will allow you to make informed choices: acid-alkaline balance, Glycemic Index, simple food combining, mindful eating, detox and cleansing, the healing power of foods and spices.
plenty of simple recipes: from nourishing bone broths to sugar-free scrumptious desserts, as well as healthy breakfasts, simple dips, raw treats, cleansing salads, quick meals, lunchboxes, warming soups or hearty one-pot dishes.
lots of cooking tips and skills to create healthy meals: making ghee, soaking, sprouting, juicing, steaming… chicken broth and lactofermented foods will be prepared too.

Course fee
£750, including hand-outs, recipe folder, meals and refreshments, for up to two people.

Take a look at a sample menu.